Wetness Detector

Introducing the Wetness Detector: Safeguard Your Facility Against Spills and Leaks. Detect and Address Wetness with Precision.

The Wetness Detector Sensor is a wireless indoor wetness detector that helps monitor and report wetness on floors due to spills or leaks. It provides real-time alerts to facility cleaning staff, enhancing maintenance efficiency. 

Wireless Indoor Detection

  • The Wetness Detector is designed to identify wetness on indoor floors, alerting facility staff to spills and leaks promptly.

Seamless Compatibility

  • Compatible with our cloud-based software, the detector integrates seamlessly to analyze wetness detection data and notify cleaning personnel of any issues.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Utilizing Wi-Fi based wireless communication, the wet detector communicates effortlessly with our cloud-based services, ensuring efficient data transmission and monitoring.

Wide Coverage

  • Positioned at a height of 3m, the sensor covers an area of approximately 3.5m x 2.5m on the floor.