Core Business


Robotics is becoming more essential in today’s operational climate

In the post-COVID climate, robots and robotic process automation has been pioneering the operational scenery. We now have the opportunity to gain strong standing in the industry and ride the waves of robotics and automation with the support of the local government through their respective modernisation initiatives.

AI and Big Data

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Robotics

The surge of data management due to remote working, tracing of people movement to curb COVID as well as restriction of working conditions have enabled the adoption of robotic process automation and the involvement of machines to facilitate the gap in the daily operations. This has provided RP an avenue to work with (Global and Locally) Glocal businesses in tackling foreseeable shortfalls as well as ensuring constant productivity with accurate, relevant, and meaningful data.

Customised Solutions

Customizing Business Systems and Robotizing Solutions

Every business is different and we fill the void by customising the solution for that business to suit its needs. Inclusion of Big Data has inadvertently added more consolidation of information of daily operations. Reorganisation of the workforce has been evolving due to required restrictions causing disruption to certain manufacturing industries. For RP, this would be an exciting opportunity to demonstrate our experience in this field.