Introducing the Gateway: Your Key to Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis. Effortlessly Collect and Analyze Sensor Data.

The Gateway is a versatile and efficient indoor gateway designed for data collection from BLE and WiFi-based sensors. It features a robust 4G connectivity to seamlessly transmit data in real-time. It enables sophisticated data analysis and generates timely alerts for the replenishment of consumables.

Wireless Indoor Gateway

  • The SmartClean Gateway collects data from BLE and Wi-Fi based sensors installed at your location, providing comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

Real-Time Data Transmission

  • Equipped with 4G connectivity, the gateway pushes data to our cloud in real-time, ensuring timely analysis and response.

Seamless Compatibility

  • Compatible with our cloud-based software, the gateway integrates seamlessly to analyze data and alert cleaning personnel of any consumable refills required.

Bluetooth Compatibility

  • Incorporating a Bluetooth based wireless communication module, the gateway communicates with our sensors providing comprehensive data collection capabilities.