Smart Bin

Introducing the Smart Bin: Redefining Waste Management for the Modern World. Experience the Future of Waste Management with the Smart Bin.

Smart Sensing

  • Detects human presence within a range of 10-80cm, initiating hands-free lid opening.

Intelligent Lid Operation

  • Opens quickly and closes slowly to accommodate human interaction, ensuring safety and convenience.

Power Efficiency and Backup

  • Equipped with power-off locking and optional battery backup for uninterrupted operation.

Real-time Capacity Monitoring

  • Utilizes advanced methods to measure volume in real-time, with early warning systems and reminders for efficient waste management.

Security and Tracking

  • Features theft prevention mechanisms and real-time tracking using positioning technology.

Sterilization and Hygiene

  • Incorporates ozone sterilization to eliminate bacteria and pests, ensuring a clean environment.