Paper Towel Dispenser

Introducing the Paper Towel Dispenser: Effortless Hygiene Management with Wireless Technology. Streamlined Installation and Monitoring.

Wireless LORA Upload

  • Say goodbye to cumbersome wiring connections with wireless LORA upload technology, ensuring hassle-free installation and seamless operation.

Easy Installation

  • No drilling required, making setup a breeze and reducing installation time and effort.

Trigger Data Reporting

  • Monitor paper towel usage with precision. With 930 sheets in a standard roll, the dispenser calculates remaining towels and alerts when levels drop below 10%, ensuring timely refill and uninterrupted service.

Long-range Operation

  • Enjoy a wide operational range of 50m in open spaces without interference, providing flexibility in placement.

Efficient Power Management

  • Powered by a 6V power adapter, the dispenser utilizes wireless signal transmission for efficient data reporting, promoting consumables saving and issuing timely alarms for low paper levels.