Meta-Scrub 60

Introducing META-SCRUB 60: Revolutionizing Cleaning with Smart Sensor Detection.

Smart Sensors Detection

  • META-SCRUB 60 is equipped with 12 advanced sensors, enabling it to identify, detect, and safely navigate static and dynamic obstacles during cleaning operations. With a live stream camera, it records over a week of cleaning operations for enhanced safety.


Dynamic Cleaning Operations:

  • Achieve superior cleaning efficiency with META-SCRUB 60’s ability to clean close to walls, boasting a mere 10 cm gap. Its unique rotating capability ensures thorough cleaning, surpassing industry standards and minimizing gaps between cleaning passages.


Flexible & Simplified User Interface:

  • Experience unparalleled convenience with the METABOTS application, accessible from any device simultaneously through Mirror technology. Our innovative removable tablet concept allows users to control META-SCRUB 60 directly or remotely, ensuring seamless connectivity regardless of distance. Choose between short-range or long-range wireless connections for ultimate flexibility.