Dispenser Monitor (Soap, Tissue Roll, Paper Towel)

Introducing the Dispenser Monitor for Soap, Tissue Roll, and Paper Towel: Keep Your Essentials Stocked with Ease. Effortlessly Monitor Dispenser Fill Levels with the Dispenser Monitor:

The  Dispenser Monitor is a wireless dispenser monitoring device designed to measure the fill level of consumables like tissue paper, paper towels, and soap solutions in various dispensers. It uses a Time of Flight distance sensor to determine the fill level, communicating data through a Bluetooth® wireless module to a gateway on-site.

Wireless Monitoring

  • Track the fill level of consumables like soap, tissue paper, and paper towel wirelessly, ensuring they’re always available when needed.

Versatile Installation

  • Designed for seamless integration, install the device inside various dispensers for comprehensive monitoring, including tissue paper, paper towel, and soap solution dispensers.

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Utilizing Bluetooth based wireless communication, the monitor communicates with a gateway on-site, facilitating efficient data transmission and monitoring.