Bin Monitor

Introducing the Bin Monitor: Stay Ahead of Waste Management with Ease. Effortlessly Track Bin Fill Levels with the Bin Monitor

The Bin Monitor is a wireless bin monitoring device designed for efficiently assessing the fill levels of consumables in bins. It utilizes Bluetooth® technology for communication and is equipped with a rugged casing suitable for various bin types. This device features a Time of Flight distance sensor that can measure ranges from 5 to 60 cm.

Wireless Monitoring

  • This bin level monitoring device accurately detects the fill level of consumables in bins, ensuring efficient waste management.

Rugged Design

  • Equipped with a rugged casing, the device adapts to most types of bins and can be easily installed using rivets or 3M tape for versatile placement.

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Utilizing Bluetooth based wireless communication, the bin monitor communicates with a gateway installed at the site, enabling seamless data transmission and monitoring.