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Diabetic retinopathy is an implication of diabetes that affects the blood vessels in the retina. When untreated, it can escalate to vision issues and blindness 

Here are some signs and symptoms of diabetic retinopathy:

Blurred vision

Blur or hazy vision on and off throughout the day

Dark or empty spots in your vision
It can be a sign of bleeding or fluid buildup in the retina


You may see spots, strings, or cobwebs in your vision. These floaters may be a sign of bleeding in the retina.

Fluctuating vision

Your vision may change throughout the day or from day to day.

Loss of central vision

If the macula, the part of the retina responsible for sharp vision is affected, you may lose your central vision.
It is important to see an eye doctor regularly if you have diabetes to check for signs of diabetic retinopathy.

Early detection and treatment can help prevent vision loss. Some habits you can adopt include:

  • Going for health check-ups
  • Get a dilated eye test at least once a year
  • Avoid smoking
  • Maintain a healthy blood sugar level
  • Adopt a healthy diet
Preventing diabetic retinopathy