Soap Dispenser

Introducing the Smart Sensor Soap Dispenser: Efficient and Eco-Friendly Hygiene Solution. Achieve Hygiene Excellence with Smart Sensor Technology.

Long-Distance Operation

  • With a range of 50m in open space without interference, the Smart Sensor Soap Dispenser ensures convenient and flexible placement options.

Versatile Power Options

  • Operates using either 4 AA alkaline dry batteries or an external power adapter, providing flexibility and convenience for various settings.

High Usage Capacity

  • Each bag of soap can be dispensed up to 1200 times, enabling efficient and long-lasting use. Monitor usage percentage by calculating triggers versus total dispenses.

Energy Saving Design

  • Prioritizing energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, the dispenser consumes almost no power in standby mode and utilizes less than 4W when dispensing liquid, reducing overall energy consumption.