Company Profile


Headquartered in Singapore and started business in 2015, we are a holding company registered under the laws of British Virgin Islands. Through our operating subsidiaries in Singapore, we provided customized software, technology solutions and peripheral hardware to large and small to medium corporate clients and government agencies based in Singapore and Indonesia, including but not limited to airports, cruise terminals, technology companies, and law enforcement agencies.

Our customized software provides clients with real-time monitoring, efficient resources allocation, planning surveillance and threat detection. We provide customized software catered to each client’s specific needs. We fulfill complex requirements by using artificial intelligence for prediction and applying algorithms, modules and plugins to select and analyze operational data captured. We are uniquely positioned in the customization software sector with our ability to further deploy sensors, controls and other hardware and integrate the hardware to provide an IoT connectivity with an autonomous or semiautonomous outcome. Because our core algorithm and modules are pluggable, we are able to quickly develop software for clients in different industries and complete the customization in a much shorter period.

Our key strengths differentiate us from our competitors and will continue to contribute to our growth and success. Our core algorithms, modules and plugins, which select and analyze operational data captured, are highly scalable across industries with minimal production cost. We customize the software solutions which contain our core algorithms, modules and plugins in accordance with the specific needs of each client. This cost-saving approach will help us to achieve higher operating margins as we increase the number of our clients. We have deep domain knowledge and expertise in industry verticals including airports, cruise terminals and law enforcement. We leverage footprint and network of highly-talented IT professionals to provide comprehensive capabilities in software development services and consulting services. We believe that our robust emerging technology capabilities and solid track record of execution enable us to drive digital transformation for our clients. We provide comprehensive service offerings including the DevOps IT solutions, sale of peripheral hardware, and consulting and technical support services as well as other services. As a result, we are able to generate revenue from a wide range of clientele. Our management team has extensive experience with large-scale nation-wide deployment in countries including Indonesia, Singapore, East Timor, Bhutan, and Republic of Mongolia. We have already established a seasoned management team with deep industry expertise in several markets where we have enjoyed similar success.