Cubicle Occupancy Monitor

Introducing the Cubicle Occupancy Monitor: Effortless Monitoring for Enhanced Privacy. Effortlessly Monitor Cubicle Occupancy with Precision.

The Cubicle Occupancy Sensor is designed to enhance restroom maintenance efficiency. This sensor is installed inside toilet cubicles to monitor occupancy status, communicating data for analysis. It allows real-time occupancy data to be analyzed and displayed on monitor interfaces.

Wireless Sensor

  • This battery-operated sensor is discreetly installed inside toilet cubicles, providing real-time occupancy monitoring for enhanced privacy and convenience.

Data Aggregation

  • Occupancy data is seamlessly aggregated through our Gateway, ensuring accurate and centralized monitoring.


  • Compatible with our cloud-based software, the monitor analyzes data collected by the gateway and reflects changes on the display monitor UI, enabling efficient management of restroom facilities.

Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Utilizing Bluetooth based wireless communication, the monitor communicates with our Gateway, ensuring reliable data transmission and monitoring.