Dual Paper Towel Dispenser

Dual Paper Towel Dispenser Introducing the Dual Toilet Paper Towel Dispenser: Innovative Hygiene Solution with Wireless Connectivity. Effortless Installation and Efficiency. Wireless LORA Upload Enjoy hassle-free setup with wireless LORA upload technology, eliminating the need for cumbersome wiring connections. Simple Installation No drilling or hardware expertise required, thanks to its user-friendly design, saving time and […]

Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper Towel Dispenser Introducing the Paper Towel Dispenser: Effortless Hygiene Management with Wireless Technology. Streamlined Installation and Monitoring. Wireless LORA Upload Say goodbye to cumbersome wiring connections with wireless LORA upload technology, ensuring hassle-free installation and seamless operation. Easy Installation No drilling required, making setup a breeze and reducing installation time and effort. Trigger Data […]

Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispenser Introducing the Smart Sensor Soap Dispenser: Efficient and Eco-Friendly Hygiene Solution. Achieve Hygiene Excellence with Smart Sensor Technology. Long-Distance Operation With a range of 50m in open space without interference, the Smart Sensor Soap Dispenser ensures convenient and flexible placement options. Versatile Power Options Operates using either 4 AA alkaline dry batteries or […]


Gateway Introducing the Gateway: Your Key to Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis. Effortlessly Collect and Analyze Sensor Data. The Gateway is a versatile and efficient indoor gateway designed for data collection from BLE and WiFi-based sensors. It features a robust 4G connectivity to seamlessly transmit data in real-time. It enables sophisticated data analysis and generates timely […]

Wetness Detector

Wetness Detector Introducing the Wetness Detector: Safeguard Your Facility Against Spills and Leaks. Detect and Address Wetness with Precision. The Wetness Detector Sensor is a wireless indoor wetness detector that helps monitor and report wetness on floors due to spills or leaks. It provides real-time alerts to facility cleaning staff, enhancing maintenance efficiency.  Wireless Indoor […]

Cubicle Occupancy Monitor

Cubicle Occupancy Monitor Introducing the Cubicle Occupancy Monitor: Effortless Monitoring for Enhanced Privacy. Effortlessly Monitor Cubicle Occupancy with Precision. The Cubicle Occupancy Sensor is designed to enhance restroom maintenance efficiency. This sensor is installed inside toilet cubicles to monitor occupancy status, communicating data for analysis. It allows real-time occupancy data to be analyzed and displayed […]

Bin Monitor

Bin Monitor Introducing the Bin Monitor: Stay Ahead of Waste Management with Ease. Effortlessly Track Bin Fill Levels with the Bin Monitor The Bin Monitor is a wireless bin monitoring device designed for efficiently assessing the fill levels of consumables in bins. It utilizes Bluetooth┬« technology for communication and is equipped with a rugged casing […]

Dispenser Monitor (Soap, Tissue Roll, Paper Towel)

Dispenser Monitor (Soap, Tissue Roll, Paper Towel) Introducing the Dispenser Monitor for Soap, Tissue Roll, and Paper Towel: Keep Your Essentials Stocked with Ease. Effortlessly Monitor Dispenser Fill Levels with the Dispenser Monitor: The┬á Dispenser Monitor is a wireless dispenser monitoring device designed to measure the fill level of consumables like tissue paper, paper towels, […]

People Counter

People Counter Introducing the People Counter: Streamline Facility Management with Precision. Effortlessly Monitor Facility Traffic with the People Counter sensor. The People Counter Sensor is an indoor Wi-Fi-enabled people counting device designed to monitor the number of people entering a facility. Which analyzes the data to inform cleaning schedules based on facility usage. Wireless Counting […]

Indoor Air Quality Detector

Indoor Air Quality Detector Introducing the Indoor Air Quality Detector: Your Solution for Odor Detection. Keep Your Indoor Environment Fresh with the Indoor Air Quality Detector. The Air Quality Sensor is an advanced indoor air quality monitor designed to improve environmental health and comfort. It features sophisticated sensors to detect various air quality parameters, including […]